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About Chetna Dental Hospital

Chetna Dental Hospital is an ISO-certified and QCI-approved dental facility. It works with the vision of providing the best dental care to all its patients in a pleasant and friendly environment. Our ideology is “Prevention Is Better Than Cure”. We help people understand how the simplest habits like correct brushing; flossing can make a dramatic difference in their dental and overall health. We maintain a modern, safe environment where general dentists and specialists work together as a team in a communicative and collaborative way to advance the quality of dental care provided to our patients.

We build relationships with our patients based on honesty, trust and comfort, and our emphasis is on educating our patients so that they are empowered to make knowledgeable decisions concerning their oral health and treatment options.

“Making the world a better place, one smile at a time”.

1 Dr.Sanjeev Awasthi

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Awasthi

Our Director Dr. Sanjeev is both dynamic and humble. With over 25 years of experience, he takes pleasure in making sure that no one leaves our office without a smile on their face.
His area of expertise include full mouth dental rehabilitation, Complete dentures, Smile aesthetics and Patient Education.
He believes in the well being of the society and by his guidance and motivation, our centre conducts various free dental camps for the underprivileged children under the banner of “Mission Muskaan”.

Dr. Chetna Awasthi Trivedi

Our Clinical Director Dr. Chetna is the face of our organisation. With 8 years of experience, her areas of expertise include Smile Designing, Dental Implantology, CAD-CAM ceramics, digital crown and bridge fabrication, Complete Dentures and Dental Aesthetics.
Her work reflects her belief in the concept of Minimally Invasive Conservative Dentistry. She is a certified smile aesthetician and Dental Implantologist.

2Dr.Chetna Awasthi

Dr. Shashank Trivedi

Leading our department of Orthodontics is young and dynamic Dr. Shashank Trivedi. With 8 years of clinical experience, he works round the clock to keep our Orthodontic practice at par with the global standards. His areas of expertise include Non-extraction Orthodontics, Passive Self-Ligation philosophy, Functional Jaw Orthopedics , Accelerated orthodontics and Adult Orthodontics. He is the official provider of Damon braces and Pitts 21 braces with a huge portfolio of successful treatment by both systems.


It’s important for all dental clinics to offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of their patients. A clinic that specialises in every aspect of dentistry and is well-equipped with the latest technology can be an excellent resource for patients seeking high-quality dental care.

Some of the services that we offer include:

This includes regular check-up and cleaning to help prevent tooth decay and gum diseases.

This includes treatment like fillings, crowns, and bridges to repair damaged teeth.

This includes treatment like braces and aligners to straighten teeth and correct bite problems.

This includes treatments for gum diseases and other issues related to the gums and supporting structures of the teeth.

This includes treatments like veneers and teeth whitening to improve the appearance of the teeth.

This involves placing titanium screws into the jawbone to serve as a replacement for missing tooth roots.

This includes procedures like wisdom teeth removal and jaw surgery.

Having a state-of-the-art infrastructure and the latest technology helps to ensure that patients receive the highest quality care and the best possible outcomes. It’s important for patients to speak with their dentist or dental specialist to determine the best treatment options for their specific needs.

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